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The Medical-Biological Research-Industrial Complex CYTOMED is one of the first Russian native pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that have been working at the pharmaceutical market of Russia since 1989. During more than 20 years of  work we have been creating medical products using experience and knowledge of the best researchers, pharmacists and physicians. more about

Medical research

The research in the field of development of new pharmacological preparations.
The CytoNIR Company is a part of the Medical-Biological Research-Industrial Complex CYTOMED and implements the Complex Cytomed research activity. more about

Cytomed is going to construct a new pharmaceutical complex in the Lappeenrant region

On May 2012 Cytomed is planning to complete construction and equipment installment on the pharmaceutical plant

Cytomed will participate in the 3rd EU-Russia Innovation Forum &
the 21st EBN Annual Congress which will be held on June 13-15, Lappeenranta, Finland. The pharmaceutical plant opening will be the part of this forum.


Laastitie 1, 55300 Rauha, Finland
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